Edgestar IP210

Edgestar IP210 Ice Maker Review by Irwin Mehserle

Edgestar IP210Reviewed by Irwin Mehserle on.Rating: 4.5

Edgestar IP210

The appearance of the Edgestar IP210 portable ice cube maker won’t make anyone swoon. It’s plain and utilitarian looking. But its reliable function and ease of use will ensure you won’t leave it behind on the next camping trip.

Overall Design and Function

The IP210 stainless steel model (IP210SS) looks much like any other portable ice cube maker. It’s a dull rectangle measuring 14 3/4″ high x 11 3/4″ wide x 14 1/2″ deep. It weighs a low 30 lbs.

That size is actually a nice middle ground, even if the case itself isn’t much to look at. It does function well, though, and that’s what counts most. The interior stores up to two pounds of ice at a time, made from a water reservoir of one gallon. For comparison, a regular bag of store-bought ice generally weighs around 7 lbs.

It’s rated to make up to 28 lbs per day but that figure could benefit from a little qualification. Most portable ice makers – this Edgestar included – make ice fast and insulate it well. But they are definitely not tiny refrigerators. Once the ice is produced it immediately begins to melt. Since this unit, like others, is so well insulated that will take several hours to complete, but don’t expect the ice cubes to last all day unchanged.

Fortunately, like some other models, the IP210 recycles any melted ice into the water reservoir. That water is then refrozen to make more. That feature has multiple benefits. It helps reduce the likelihood of leakage out the drain hole – a problem with some portable ice cube makers to one degree or another and the IP210 is no exception. It reduces the frequency of the need to add new water. Best of all, it helps keep the unit from mixing water with ice, which would lead to big clumps.

Initial Setup and Regular Use

It produces those cubes in short order, too. Depending on the size selected, and the initial water temperature and purity (which affects the rate of freezing), you can have your first batch within 10 minutes.

However, you probably won’t want to do that straight out of the box. Like most of these little units the plastic interior tends to have an unpleasant odor that does make its way into the ice as a result of outgassing. The amount varies quite a lot not just from one manufacturer’s model to another but from one unit to the next. It depends on production quality and how (and how long) the unit has been boxed up. Units that are well wrapped that sit on the shelf for a long time naturally tend to have more odor.

That problem is easy to deal with. Just let your ice maker’s interior air out for a couple of days before use. If the odor persists use a mild vinegar-water solution to make ice and then run a few cycles of pure water through the machine afterward. Discard the cubes made during these runs. Although the manufacturer’s owner’s manual recommends cleaning with liquid detergent note that soap is often harder to rinse completely than vinegar-laden water.

The ice cube maker is easy to operate. Pour in water, select cube size with a soft tap on the front panel’s button, and press start. Wait 10 minutes or so until you hear the ice cubes drop and, voila!, they’re ready for use.

Controls and Panel Indicators

Three sizes – small, medium, and large – let you make ice cubes suited to cool anything from cocktails to large glasses of ice tea or cola. They also influence the rate of production since, not surprisingly, small cubes freeze faster than large ones.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have to cool a large glass of liquid, small ones might do for the first batch. A simple tap lets you change the size anytime you wish and the light on the panel shows you clearly which you’ve selected. The cubes are the now more or less standard ‘bullet’ style – a round ‘cube’ with a hole in the middle.

The front panel also houses an “Add Water” warning light along with an “Ice Full” indicator light that illuminate in red. The ice cube maker stops producing new ice when the sensor turns on the Ice Full indicator. The two lights sit just above the ice size select and the power buttons.

Different Versions – IP210SS versus IP210Ti

There is, interestingly, a noticeable difference in style between two different IP210 models. Most manufacturers offer a stainless steel exterior (as is the ‘default’ IP210 – also called IP210SS), but the Edgestar is the first brand I’ve seen that features a ‘titanium’ version – the IP210Ti.

The IP210Ti costs, currently, about the same as the IP210SS on the official Edgestar website. Apart from the titanium finish the most noticeable difference is the very different front panel. The function is about the same but rather than the mundane but usable vertical rectangle the IP210Ti offers a stylish slanted oval. Let your personal taste be your guide.


The Edgestar IP210 is a lightweight, quick, and easy to use portable ice cube maker with good reliability ratings. Lookswise, it’s nothing special but it could not be easier to use. The water recycle keeps ice intact while reducing the frequency of refills and the 30 lbs weight makes it low effort to move from the garage workshop to the RV or anywhere else.

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