Edgestar IP210

The appearance of the lightweight, quick, and easy to use Edgestar IP210 portable ice cube maker won’t make anyone swoon. It’s plain and utilitarian looking. But its reliable function and ease of use will ensure you won’t leave it behind on the next camping trip.

NewAir AI-100

The AI-100 is a small, easy-to-use portable ice cube maker with some welcome features that make it a desirable appliance. The removable bin and indicators on the front panel are particularly appreciated. It does what the manufacturer claims: makes a lot of ice quickly and easily.

NewAir AI-210

The NewAir AI-210 portable ice cube maker offers many of the same valuable features as its smaller sibling – the NewAir AI-200 – and adds a few great extras of its own. The AI-210 is one inch larger all around than the AI-200. The increased size doesn’t go into offering any larger capacity water reservoir, though. Like the smaller unit, it houses a 1-gallon water reservoir that will produce about 8 pounds of ice.

NewAir AI-200

The NewAir AI-200 portable ice cube maker is a terrific tool for anyone needing ice cubes on the go, or just to supplement the home freezer. It’s quick, makes a ton in one day, and is ultra easy to clean. Like any model the unit has some minor limitations. But for anyone looking for a fast, reliable, long-lasting unit it’s probably one of the better ice makers around.