NewAir AI-100

The AI-100 is a small, easy-to-use portable ice cube maker with some welcome features that make it a desirable appliance. The removable bin and indicators on the front panel are particularly appreciated. It does what the manufacturer claims: makes a lot of ice quickly and easily.

NewAir AI-200 vs AI-210

Any comparison between the NewAir AI-200 and the NewAir AI-210 ice makers is really a little unfair to both. Both do a stellar job of producing ice from a semi-portable unit. Both offer good value. Both are well made, durable, and generate ice like crazy. Still, there are differences between the two models that make a side by side comparison worthwhile.

NewAir AI-210

The NewAir AI-210 portable ice cube maker offers many of the same valuable features as its smaller sibling – the NewAir AI-200 – and adds a few great extras of its own. The AI-210 is one inch larger all around than the AI-200. The increased size doesn’t go into offering any larger capacity water reservoir, though. Like the smaller unit, it houses a 1-gallon water reservoir that will produce about 8 pounds of ice.

NewAir AI-200

The NewAir AI-200 portable ice cube maker is a terrific tool for anyone needing ice cubes on the go, or just to supplement the home freezer. It’s quick, makes a ton in one day, and is ultra easy to clean. Like any model the unit has some minor limitations. But for anyone looking for a fast, reliable, long-lasting unit it’s probably one of the better ice makers around.